Welcome to the McGill Calibrated Colour Image Database

The purpose of this database is to provide a large number of colour images of natural scenes, calibrated, if required, for use in biological and computer vision research. So far we have over 1500 images and are increasing the number each month.

The images are free for research but not commercial purposes. If you use our images, please cite us!

Olmos, A., Kingdom, F. A. A. (2004). A biologically inspired algorithm for the recovery of shading and reflectance images, Perception, 33, 1463 - 1473.

We have made every effort to make the website user friendly, and to make the calibration routines as valid and accurate as possible. However, if you find any errors in the website or routines, or if you have any suggestions for the website's improvement, please let us know: fred.kingdom+at+mcgill.ca.



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